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I’m not leaving everyone behind or quitting ~ I just don’t want the world leaving me behind.

I see the quotes “not all who wander are lost”. I love that quote. That speaks to me.

I ran across another one while I was shopping for t-shirts. It says something like this;

I’m not leaving everyone behind or quitting ~ I just don’t want the world leaving me behind.

My parents made one big trip in their life, that I knew of. Well, I should say my dad only has.

My parents lived in a rural Iowa town and my dad drove him and my mother through Minneapolis to the college where I was I living to see my little family. I had just gotten pregnant; I was only a month along and had a 2-year-old at the time.

My parents trekked the 4-hour drive and stayed around 30 minutes. Which is exactly long enough to give hugs and drink a glass of ice water and leave…if you are my parents. They parked their little behinds right on that chipped painted picnic table outside of our apartment and chatted about the traffic they endured in Minneapolis. They didn’t even step inside the apartment to see how I was living or to go pee. A woman not coming in to go pee? Unbelievable!!

Later I found out my dad had just been diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps the drive was to come up to talk to me about it, or because he thought he might be dying.  Fast forward to the end of my dad’s life, he had never (as far as I have known) taken my mom anywhere else that far.

When my dad retired from Maytag, he stayed really close to home. When they had to go to the grocery store – it was on Friday. They went to church on Sunday. They were pretty predictable people. If they had to do something out of the norm, they made sure all their appointments were made in the morning so their afternoons were spent at home.

So, I’m now on this journey. Perhaps due to my parents.Some may wonder where this journey is taking me us. Me too.

My husband and I are traveling off to Oregon in our motorhome. Many friends and family don’t understand why we are on this adventure, quest, move. Heck, at times we don’t quite understand it ourselves. However, we both have so many reasons on both sides. Reasons to stay where we are and keep things the way they are. Reasons to change and see where things are going.

We’ve left family and friends.

We’ve left great jobs and stability.

We’ve left our home and exchanged it for a home with a motor and has 6 wheels.

Everything has changed.

My sister made a comment one day about dad after he died. She said, “I wonder if it took dad awhile to get to heaven”, she paused and I quested her why she said that. She explained that it must have taken him awhile to get there because God probably took him to all the places where dad wanted to see but didn’t because of his tendency to stay home.

I don’t want live like that. I don’t want to live closed in and not see or experience things, or people.


We have so many reasons to stay where we are and to be as we are. However, we have so many reasons to step out and take a giant leap of faith and try something totally new.

We might “fail” miserably. We might be back and report all the things that went wrong. We might come back and tell you that “you’re right”, to those of you who don’t believe that this isn’t going to work. You might have the mindset of “I told you so” and you know what, that’s going to be ok. Cause we tried…and that isn’t failing.


While we are on this trip I’ve already expanded my mind to think of things I’ve never really thought of before. My brain is thinking of things which would have never thought, it’s seeing things which would have never seen, my brain freaks out at times (which doesn’t take much-just ask my husband).

While we were traveling to Oregon, it took us 4 days to get here because we took our time. We have some really great experiences; almost running out of gas, needing chains on our tires, peeing in the coldest outhouse ever where my butt almost got stuck. getting scared out of our minds on the snowy and mountain passes…but it was all worth it. IMG_2879

We have both left our jobs for this lifestyle.

We have left our friends and family for this lifestyle for a life unknown.

I can’t end up like my parents. I can’t be like my dad and drive only out of the state for a glass of ice water and not experience life and possibly have those regrets.

So, dad and mom…here’s to you.

Kids here’s to you – hoping that you understand why we felt we had to do this and I hope you find that someday you think that we are somewhat inspiring.

Here’s to new experiences, seeing new things, failing but picking ourselves up and learning from them.

We are not ready to let the world to leave us behind, so driving this Coach has allowed us to have that mentality. We are living out of our comfort zone, having adventures being an adventurer._MG_2761



Photographer, mother of 6, therapist, traveler and blogger.

3 thoughts on “I’m not leaving everyone behind or quitting ~ I just don’t want the world leaving me behind.

  1. Always have had a wanderlust, myself, so I am not questioning your motives but am anxious to read every post! How far have they gone? How are they doing? What have they seen? What have they done? Keep those posts coming!
    Darrin has an expression which eases the stress at times, “The worse the experience, the better the story.” So, when Life gets difficult, just think about how much more interesting your retelling of it will be (not that I hope you have difficult times, but Life has a tendency to make things difficult at times.)
    My only regret about your trip is that you did not swing by our place on your way. Oh well. Maybe you will make traveling a new lifestyle (I mean you do have a mobile home now!) and we will see you as you circle the country on your quest. I hope so!
    Love you guys! Xoxoxo!


    1. Thsnks! That means alot. I have more posted, I am still nervous to put myself out there, but people are totally vulnerable to me all the time. I guess, its time to put myself out there too. There really isn’t much to lose if I’m writing from the heart.


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