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Do You Want Fries with That?


There is nothing like deep fat fried French fries in a fryer. It has to be crinkle cut too.

So yummy.

French fries is the best food. You can eat it when your happy. When you are sad. When you are confused. When you are happy. When you need no excuse. It is the best.

When we travel to new places to eat I often ask them if they have crinkle cut fries. It’s the best.  But they have to be slightly crunchy yet soft in the middle, a little salty and plenty hot. When you cook it yourself you can get it perfect.

Back in the day when we had chickens, we were trying to figure out what had been killing them. We didn’t think it was Jax our Vizsla because he had too much fun playing with them. Wait. Maybe it was Jax.

We started off with several chickens and it quickly dwindled down to only a few then down to 1.

I heard a commotion out in the chicken coop one day.

Raccoon was eating our chickens!

Rob yelled “get the gun”!

He was outside and I ran inside and grabbed 2 guns. I didn’t know what he wanted. I came out jogging with 2 loaded guns in my hand. Me. “Running” with 2 loaded guns in my hand. I’m not the most coordinated person. Not a good idea.

So, there I am with 2 guns. Rob looks at me, almost laughs and then grabs one.  Cricket our beagle/terrier mix had the raccoon cornered. The raccoon dropped to the floor and blood flew everywhere. The dog then attacked the raccoon and she had to be pulled off. It looked like a massacre.

We started swabbing up the mess and realized the fryer got shot in the line of fire.


The fryer ended up being in the line of fire. Fryer fire.

I don’t even know how that happened.

So, they all died.

The poor fryer, the poor chicken and the raccoon all died that night.


I ate my feelings with French fries that night. They had to be baked, not fried.

(Thanks for the feature photo from the Nerdy Farm Wife Blog)




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