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Am I Normal?


You know in the movie Forrest Gump when Forrest decides to run and he took off ran for no real reason at all and ended on the pier and felt complete? He didn’t need to run any longer? I bet he just needed to shampoo that beard. And in the movie when he is holding a box of chocolates, “Life is like a box of chocolates” I guess life is a little like that, huh?

That scene in Ferris Bueller Day off…how Ferris Bueller was supposed to in his seat and he was out having the time of his life in the parade and his teacher called out “Bueller”, “Bueller”… He was living in the moment. I’ve really enjoyed a parade that much, but it’s better than being in school (public service announcement stay in school kids).

Then the inspiring tear-jerker moment  in Dumb and Dumber when they had Mary’s briefcase and they left everything behind just to return it to her? They climbed into the shaggy sheepdog and rode across the United States just to give it to her. Dumb and Dumber, by the way, is one of my most favorite movies. I know it’s not known for being inspiring, and it won’t make it on any list.

Do you have inspiring moments like that? Where you just gotta throw caution to the wind and say “GO FOR IT”?

If those movies aren’t inspiring, check out Lifehack’s list of 35 Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life (Spoiler Alert…Dumb and Dumber is not on the list. Sad. I know) 

Well, in a nutshell…that’s what the beard and I are doing. We are going for it by selling off our things, giving it way, taking off, relocating and doing something totally different for us.

Some people might think that this has been an impulsive move for us, but we have been thinking about this for about 2 years – 6 months seriously.

Honestly several things came into place and it wasn’t just one thing.

We are crazy. Ha. Well, kind of.

I’m fully aware that people typically don’t think about living in an RV.

Some people have told us “it’s not normal”.

For them I say


Yes, that’s right. Normal is only a setting on the dryer and washing machine.

We are not normal.

We live in a small house now, so it’s not too hard to give it all up to move into a small space on wheels with a steering wheel.

However, here are a few reasons why we decided to do what we ae doing.

Reasons Why We Decided to Live in an RV

  • We first had the idea. Then it was a dream. Honestly, the beard and I are both flighty people, which helps. We are both “lets do it”, then plan later. Kind of. I think our brains are wired different than most. We don’t think of the “what if’s” in relation to all the bad things that could happen. That’s probably not a good thing. If you are a Type A person, this type of lifestyle might need a little more planning. But we are just whimsical about it for the most part…and we have a lot of faith.

  •  However, with that being said, we watched a lot of other people do it. Other Youtubers, Instagramers, Bloggers and such. We realized that other people not only dreamed of this life, but actually make this life happen! Once we saw other people doing it, we realized that we didn’t need to wait until retirement to make this happen. Seeing others do it made us realize the things we needed to plan for, the things we really need to think about to not be too dumb about this whole adventure.


  • We looked at resources around us and brainstormed and this took us awhile. This kept happening and our plan kept tweaking with every Youtuber we watched, every blog we read.

  • We became more and more curious, which, helped us to become less flighty in this planful adventure. Crap. We had to plan???

  • So, we continued to dream and we kept plugging along.

  • At that time we had bought used 5th The beard does construction work on the side and found someone that had one for sale. We negotiated some drywall work in trade for a “down payment” for the 5th Wheel. Then we made payments on the rest. We couldn’t even afford the whole thing at once. So, we were fortunate to find someone to work with us.

  • I loved it, but was only able to use it once, due to the vehicle we had was very unreliable. So, we couldn’t haul it or pull it anywhere. It was then we decided that we wanted something that we could drive it, not have to worry about unhooking it, hooking it and not have to worry about towing. That was just our preference. You will have your own preference.

  • We started watching more and more Youtube videos on the difference between all the different styles of campers, RV’s, 5th wheels, Coach and that entire lingo because I was clueless!

  • Now, my biggest question was – how do we live and have money while having this lifestyle? This is where I cheated a bit. Most people who are the typical “RVers” are retired people, or so I thought. When I watched the Youtube videos there is a ton of people living this lifestyle who are super young 40, 30 and 20 something living out of their campers and Rv’s! It’s amazing!!

  • While researching I found a term called workcamper. What the heck is that? I never knew that term until I was in this world of research. Well, working while you camp basically. Makes sense, huh? Well, the idea is to not work at all and play the whole time…but most of us can’t do that. So, the idea of workcamping is you work at a camping location and you get to camp there for free or some other accommodations depending on what the campsite agrees on. Some places pay you a stipend, offer you free water or gas hook up or something else depending of the location. It’s a pretty cool gig! It’s kind of like helping other campers, but volunteering and living there for free. This whole world of people working at camping was so new to me.

  • So, although this wasn’t going to work for us and our situation, I did tailor this situation for us. I found a job in a location while finding a workcamper position. I found a full time job in a specific location – in a beautiful location while living at a campground. My husband is going to be working at the campground while I work full time in my career in town. So, we get the best of both worlds.

  • So, once I knew I had a job, a place to go, we had a place to live for (almost free) we window shopped to kill some time on a cold winter afternoon and found ourselves at Des Moines RV. We really had no idea of buying a camper. I was happy with my 5th But we went at the end of December when dealerships are wanting to move merchandise and wanting to make quota at the end of the year. So, we got a great deal – almost unreal the type of deal we received.

  • We added up the cost and savings of not having a house payment, not having a water/sewage, electric bill and household bills that come with owning a home. It was going to save us money to get the Coach, which was strange to say…because the Coach was nicer than our home (the one without wheels).

  • We kind of modeled the “if not now, when?” motto. With that in mind, the only limitation is resources.

  • A thing I learned when doing research on Youtube is, there are SO many people living this dream. We’re not alone. So if you are thinking about this, you will not be alone. There is someone out there who has paved the way for you. Isn’t that great?

  • I am a believer of living out a dream and not putting dreams off.

  • Last but not least, have faith. Without it we have nothing.


One thing to note here…we haven’t hit the road yet. The Coach is still sitting in our driveway. We are hitting the road in 2 weeks. So, stay posted on the Beard a Blonde & the Road Beyond to get more of an update on this life



Photographer, mother of 6, therapist, traveler and blogger.

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