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Dream a Little, Dance a Little

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer.

Flighty even.

I look at pictures at just want to be there. I want to feel what that person is feeling. I want to reach out and feel through the photo and live and breathe through scenes of postcards. I’ve often said I want to step out and live on a postcard.

That doesn’t happen where I currently live.

Unless my postcard is a busy street; if you park on the street you are guaranteed to have your car totaled, or at least hit.

OH, I WANT THAT POSTCARD. What would that postcard say?

“Wish you were here! If you were…if you could – you could pick up my muffler.”


Another postcard would be the cute elderly couple living across the street. They are actually pretty cute. For sake of privacy, let’s call him Spud. He knows everything about everyone on the street. I don’t really care to know anything about anyone around here. That sounds incredibly insensitive I know, but when you have the career field I have, I really don’t want to go home and know my neighbors business.

Our neighbor would have Spud’s eyeballs on it. “Spuds sees all” postcard would have some neighborhood watch sign on it since he watches everything. His wife, however, would have something squirrely on it because Spud’s wife is a squirrel nut. Oh, and that isn’t a dig on her personality…she really is. She loves squirrels. She talks to them, gives them fresh bread in the morning, combs them, baths them, names them, gives them little jobs around her property and probably issues them with 1099 at the end of the year. Ok well, most of that is true and I’ll let you decide which ones.

They are very nice people and if I had a postcard from them they would be cute little people with silver hair and they would be cuddling a cute little squirrel. I imagine that squirrel with a bonnet for some reason. Not sure why. They would look like the American Gothic couple but instead of holding a pitchfork, it would be a squirrel.

I know you think I’m weird. But this is my postcard, my world, so there.

So, to give you an honest to God feeling of what it’s ACTUALLY like I’d have to add sound to my postcard. I know that’s impossible. But for the sake of giving you a real feel of my life here on the south side, you should know there is the sound of an occasional gunshot, the sound of sirens, the speed of Nascar going down our street hitting cars and you got yourself my neighborhood. The real icing on the cake is the Kum and Go gas station that gets robbed every other weekend.

Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yes, I’d like to live in a postcard, well a different postcard. So, I dream about living in a post card. I told you about my postcard.

So, what’s your postcard?

Do you ever dream?

Just dream?

Daydream or live your dreams at night…

So here is when I give you some nuggets. I have to have some substance to this whole thing or else I just look superficial; which is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Secrets to Living Your Dreams.

#1. Dream. Ha. Tricky, huh? Now, I think when you dream you should free hand it by writing it down. There is no “right” or “wrong” to dreaming. Just write.

#2. Dream big. No dream too big. Write it down. See a trend?

#3. Dream really really big. Maybe gigantic. Maybe dream so big you don’t think you could ever ever EVER achieve it. It’s ok. It’s a dream. It’s fun. DO IT NOW. Write it down. (Did you know I was going to say that? You didn’t know you were a mind reader, did ja?)

#4. Write it down what you want your life to look like in the future. 1 month, 1 year, 5 years..blah blah…you get it.

#5. Think about your day to day things…kind of like a “to do list”.  If you do this you’ll feel more accomplished. Things like “Smile more”, “not punch me in the face”, “go to church this week”…you know what I mean? Things that are easier to accomplish, but they are smaller goals. Then, what do we do? Yes, write it down. Do you hate me yet?

#6. Remember your past; float back in times in your life when you were successful. Write it down.  I know you are really hating by now, (Now, I’m the mind reader!) I get it. But stay with me…So, you do that my remembering how you got where you are now.

  • Look at the success you have.
  • You learned to tie your shoes, didn’t you?
  • You had/have a job.
  • You had/have a relationship.
  • Maybe you didn’t feel like brushing your hair this morning, but you did. Success!
  • You got up this morning, bonus. Whoo-Hoo!!!!
  • Got your GED.
  • Graduated from college!
  • Got driver’s license.
  • Gave that great speech and didn’t pee your pants.
  • You survived today!
  • You ate that ginormous hamburger and didn’t vomit. Eh.
  • Opened up your own company…
  • Hey, are you feeling accomplished yet? This is such a good tool to use for your self-esteem too!
  • You might think these things are small, but they really aren’t.

#7. Now, vision what your life could be at any point in the future, then think and identify how you want to feel/what emotion you want to have about it.

Dreaming, meditating, writing, praying and spending time thinking about what you want in life is important.

What I can say is, in my experience, doing those things have been helpful.

I have a book dedicated to dreaming. Some of the things are great big things that will probably never ever happen.

In fact, I know they won’t…because it’s a Bucket List Book. But I have fun and I keep adding to it. I’ll be cruising Youtube, Pinterest,  Instagram and people’s post on facebook will totally inspire me. I will see something that I will add it to my Bucket List Book.

There are SO many things I will never do, but there are many that I dream of doing. However, I do accomplish things! Lots of them. Many simple things. Some of the things on my list are super simple and I check them off.

So, I challenge you to dream, write down your successes and look forward to your future.  The thing is we all have failures, challenges, and successes.

We basically have a choice.

We can just think about the crappy things in life or we can focus on the little things in life that we’ve accomplished and then try to build on it.

Someone is always better off than you and there is always someone worse off than you. We all need to be thankful for where we are, learn from the lessons it gives us and let’s try to have fun in the meantime. Life can be fun.

It’s almost as fun as seeing the squirrels with the bonnets trying to earn their 1099 at the end of the year. Almost.


Bucket List Item…Dancing in the Rain


 About this photo and moment. I had just buried my dad in April 2011 and this photo was taken in May. My husband and I was going through a divorce and was married for 22 years. I was losing my house to foreclosure, working 2 jobs, had 3 kids and 2 of them were living with me at the time. I was working on my Bucket List Book at the time and feeling pretty low with a bunch of losses hitting me all at once.

I lost everything…my dad, husband, beautiful home in the suburbs, security and all that came with that in 22 years. My life was in boxes around me and I had been preparing to move from my beautiful home into a great mobile home.

My friend blessed me with a mobile home with very low rent that she wasn’t using and yet I was also feeling very about as low as I thought I could go.

As I was looking at the cardboard boxes around me the rain started to fall, I started to cry.

I was packing up the last of the books and on the table was my Bucket List Book. I started to thumb through it, as tears rolled down my face I glanced over some of the dreams I had for my life, on the things that I wanted. Things that I knew that I could never have.

Then I looked at the things and things that I knew that I could have that were right in front of me.

Like right then.

 “Dancing in the rain” danced right off the page at me.

It was then I started to realize that I had a choice to make. I could have a pity party over my life or I could make the best of a situation.

I called for my daughter, grabbed my camera and put it on a timer. With neighbors driving by my crying turned to tears of laughter and it was one of the best days ever.

Even though that year was probably one of the worst years of my life

it honestly one of the best moments of my life.



Photographer, mother of 6, therapist, traveler and blogger.

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